About Treasure Tone Vintage Guitars: Experts in High End Vintage Guitars, Custom Built Guitars and Rare Musical Instruments

Being born into a family of musicians, the owner of Treasure Tone had an early start in the music industry. Since his father was a professional Opera singer, he was always surrounded by musicians throughout his childhood and that continues through present day.

While he considers himself a “Self Taught” musician, he is proficient on a variety of musical instruments. He has an eclectic musical taste which includes: Rock, Jazz, Latin Jazz and Flamenco, just to name a few.

After 40 some years and having owned a couple of retail music stores he has extensive knowledge and expertise in all kinds of music and instruments and has been a collector of Boutique and Vintage Guitars as well as Rare and Collectible Musical Instruments, Vintage Radios and Amplifiers, Sheet Music, and Collectible Vinyl Albums.

The goal of the Treasure Tone website is not only to showcase his collection of high end and rare musical instruments for sale, but to also offer a marketplace for other collectors, musicians, music lovers and aficionados a forum to post their own instruments, share their musical journey, collaborate and celebrate in the beauty and art of making music.


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